6 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Chiropractic Website

October 15, 2018

There are many factors that play a role in how your chiropractic website is ranked by Google. While the exact formula is proprietary, we do know that there are certain things that can help boost your placement in the search results. One of these factors is backlinks to your website. Effective chiropractic marketing for your practice must include a backlink strategy.

Why are backlinks important?

Google wants people to continue to use its services, and that means that people need to find useful information when they use Google search. The challenge on Google’s part is to determine what information is useful and what isn’t. And one key component of that is how many links there are to a particular website.

If a website has a lot of real links from legitimate sites, Google will assume that the information on that site is also legitimate and useful.

As it’s one of the ranking factors for the Google algorithm, it will be beneficial to include link building in your chiropractic marketing strategy.

6 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Chiropractic Website

  1. Create great content that people want to share. This is the most challenging backlink strategy, as the web is full of great content and it can be tough to get attention. But if you can create articles that resonates with other chiropractors (or any health professionals), write it, post it on your chiropractic blog, and then promote it on social media. A good article can garner you hundreds of backlinks and provide you with a boost in credibility.
  2. Write guest posts for other blogs. If you have an article idea that you think would be interesting to other doctors, find a blog or news site that is willing to publish a guest post that you write with a link to your site.
  3. Become an expert. Services like Help a Report Out exist to connect reporters and bloggers with professionals. If you sign up for one of these services, you’ll get notifications when a writer is looking for quotes from experts in certain fields. You then write an answer to their question, and the reporter can choose whether to use your quote or not. If they use it, you’ll get a backlink to your website. It takes just a few minutes when you get a relevant question, and the backlinks are good quality.
  4. Write an article or column for a news site in your community. Online news sites are always looking for content, so check with any local sites to see if they are interested in an article or monthly column on health issues. Just make sure that you get a link to your website in your author profile.
  5. Volunteer or sponsor local organizations. In many communities, local charities are always looking for local businesses to provide sponsorships. These organizations will often have an “Our Sponsors” or “Our Contributors” page with a list of local business supporters with a link to their websites.
  6. Link to local colleagues. If you work with massage therapists, acupuncturists, therapists, or dentists in your city, create a page on your site that describes the services they provide and link to their sites. Then, just share that page with them and ask them if they’ll do the same for you. It’s a win-win.

No Cheating!

There are plenty of unscrupulous “marketing” firms out there who will promise you hundreds of backlinks as part of their service. These are not legitimate. You can easily go online and purchase hundreds or even thousands of backlinks, but they’re garbage links.

These paid links are poor quality. These links will be on sites with zero reputation or credibility. Google knows this and they’ll know that the links are junk. Google will, in the best case, ignore them, or, in the worst case, penalize your site for cheating.

While it’s tempting to “game the system,” be assured that Google knows all of the tricks.

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